Sunday 17 September 2017


 Hello dear readers! I know its been a while I haven't post anything here, but since my daughter was born I have been incredibly busy with her and my son and slowly I am doing my come back to the reality.  But I have exciting news! Last week, I was invited by Japanese brand Miniso, to spend 2 days with them for the launch of their stores in South Africa. I assisted to the event along with other bloggers, buyers, clients, journalists and influencers The name of the event was Change The World Miniso Promotion Conference. 

Miniso is the biggest Japanese retailer chain, founded by japanese designer Miyake Junya and chinese entrepreneur Ye Goufu. Their brand philosophy is ¨simplicity, design and good quality¨ 

I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at Radisson Blue Hotel in Sandton. The first day was leisure time for all the guests so I chilled in the swimming pool with my friend Paula, who I could invite to stay with me. At night we had a dinner at the restaurant and got to know other guests who were invited to the event. 

After having breakfast at the hotel and receiving a lovely goodie bag from Miniso, we were taken to Miniso Store at Norwood Shopping Center. We had a very nice welcoming including Vip Vouchers to spend at the store. 
 Here some of my favorite products 
 Are these baby dresses? No. Kitchen towels, how original
 I call myself ¨Didi Bags and Containers¨. If there are organizers or storage kind of products, I am the number 1 buyer!
How cute is this headband with bunny ears? Love, love, love this 
 Electric face brush cleanser and tooth brush, 2 in 1. 
My favorite item from all of them: this face shade with cooling effect. So this one not only covers your eyes from the light but also relax them while you sleep, so cool! 
And they have so many cute designs to choose from
Being at Miniso is a real shopping experience. Here with some of my new friends that I met at the event ;) 

This is what I bought with my Vip Boucher 
After being in the shop we were taken to Moyo to have a real African lunch and then we went to Miniso Conference to get to know the brand philosophy and its future plans in Africa and the rest of the world. 
Here are some high lights of the conference: 
  • Established in Japan in 2013, Miniso has opened over 1000 stores in less that 3 years with business turnover standing at USD 750 million in 2015 and nearly 1.5 billion in 2016. 
  • In 2018 Miniso plans to open 7000 stores worldwide with a sales target of 7.6 billion USD. 
  • In Africa their plan is to open 50 stores in South Africa creating more than 12.000 jobs opportunities. 
  • The secret of Miniso success is based on 3 principles: Premium Product Design, Outstanding Cost Performance and Supreme Shopping Experience. 
I had so much fun during these 3 days getting to understand Miniso and why they named their conference ¨Change the World¨: because their brand concept, consumer experience and how they are doing it all over the world is really amazing. Thanks Miniso for having me with you! :) 

To get to know more about Miniso visit: 


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