Thursday 30 June 2016


Supporting local designers and showing their talent to my readers from all over the world is one of the main goals of this blog. I have always been amazed by the talent in South Africa, which has its own unique flavor and style. It´s something very different from I have seen in other countries. 

Last week I have the pleasure of meeting local Muslim designer Waseefa Hutton and her emporium Hse of Bespoke. Apart from being sweet and beautiful, she is also extremely talented. She started showcasing her collections at My Space. After seeing the positive response from the public, she decided to open her own store located at 44 Stanley, Johannesburg. Waseefa doesn't design only for women of her same ethnicity. Being part of a very cosmopolitan city has made her designs transcend race, cultural beliefs and age. 


I am wearing one of Waseefa designs from The Minimalist Collection. A beautiful tailored cape and skinny pants made in Cotton Satten. I chose silver leather shoes to give it a nice contrast and enhance the blue of the outfit. 
 What do you think about this look? Isn´t it beautiful? 

To see more of Hse of Bespoke range, visit:

I am wearing: 

Cape: Hse of Bespoke Emporium
Pants: Hse of Bespoke Emporium
Shoes: House of Cinnamon (Available at Hse of Bespoke Emporium)

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Friday 24 June 2016


There isn't an accurate definition of art, if I have to describe what art is, I would say that it´s something created by the imagination to express feelings, ideas or thoughts. Art has been always part of my life. For 2 years, I was the organizer of art exhibitions of Dann Carlton Hotel in Medellin, Colombia. I chose the artists and loved meeting them, getting to know their work and talk about their inspiration, their concept, the way they see the world. 
Last night, I went to the opening of the Art Exhibition of South African Artist Lionel Smit, which was held at Circa Gallery in Johannesburg. His work was absolutely fantastic, from canvas to bronze sculptures, seeing his different techniques was a very interesting way of spending the night. 
Smit is from Pretoria. He is considered one of South Africa´s most talented artists. His art is defined by a deeply and symbiotic relationship between sculpture and painting. It was so delightful to see every single piece of his creative work in big and small formats. 
 Lionel is the son of another well known South African artist named Anton Smith. Since little, he was exposed to the world of sculpture through his father, who worked from his studio adjacent to the family home in Pretoria. 
 Observing this bronze sculpture was like watching a hologram, every single line and detail  were really impressive. I wonder, how long he took doing this artistic piece? 
 I went with my husband and my Colombian friend Sofia who is also passionated about art. We both love painting... after this exhibition, we are very motivated to produce our own art exhibition together! Lets see if we can make it ;) 
This was my favorite one. 
So glad that we met Lionel Smit and we could tell him how amazing his work is. 
If you are in Johannesburg, don't miss this exhibition at Circa Gallery, Rosebank.  Well worth seeing! 

Tuesday 21 June 2016


I read once that ¨Hats are the Glamorous Statement¨and I couldn´t have said it better myself .I Love wearing hats, a must have accessory that everywoman should have in her wardrobe. Hats are timeless, versatile and work perfectly in every season! 
This an Autumn/Winter look. I love this dress from Mr. Price which I accessorized with a hat and a leather jacket.

I also wanted to try this same look with another hat. It gives you an idea about how cool it is playing with this accessory which adds so much style to the look. 

Which look do you like more? 
   Dare to buy and wear different hats to add glamour to your style. 

I am wearing:

Dress: Mr. Price
White Hat: Mr. Price
Black Hat: Cotton On
Jacket: Diesel 
Heels: Tennis 
Shades: Lundun 

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Saturday 18 June 2016


Exploring this country and finding new places is one of my favorite hobbies.I come from a country where we often go to the countryside on weekends, and I really love that. I believe that contact with nature recharges my soul and spirit. 
I discovered a place called The Fat Olive which is just 25 min drive from my home in Johannesburg. Basically the place is a restaurant with a beautiful view into a lake. The lake has a bridge that heads to a farm with animals such as cows, rabbits, pigs, sheep, just to mention few. We went with our son and we all have a lovely time. 
If you feel like having a chill afternoon, The Fat Olive also offers picnic baskets with 3 different options, including a vegetarian one. We will try the picnic next time ;)

This is the type of place where adults and kids have so much fun. 
We will definitely come back. 

I am wearing:

Top: My Latina
Jacket: H & M
Jeans: H & M
Sneakers: Convers 
Shades: Lundun 

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