Saturday 26 November 2016


Sneak and peek of the shoot that I did for A Girl in Africa about Diane Paris. 
How we empower women and make them stronger? When we empower each other. 
From left to right: Diana the designer, me and my friend Dionne Chen. 3 women from 3 different countries: France, Colombia and Taiwan. 
5 months pregnant. Can you notice my bump? I can! :) :) :)

 Watch this space, I will be posting the pics of this shoot soon. 

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Friday 18 November 2016


You don't have to spend a fortune to go out and have fun with your family and friends. 
One of the things that I like about being a foreigner in Joburg, is my infinite desire to explore and discover new places, even after so many years of living here! Believe me, I am still finding new places and things to do. I guess these are the advantages of living in a big and cosmopolitan city like Johannesburg. 
In my recent research, I discovered the Field and Study Market, located in a beautiful forest in the heart of Sandton. I fell in love with its atmosphere, people, products and very yummy food. You can find a very international menu, from Argentina´s empanadas, healthy burgers, Indian snacks, delicious smoothies, home made beers and all type of Venezuelan yummy desserts - my must have every time I visit this market.  
The market is also pet friendly, so bring your fury ones to have a lovely time in the field. How cute is this dog bar?
You can also find beautiful clothing from local fashion designers, craft work and paintings from artists, vintage items, and decorative objects... this market is full of creativity.
 My son Luka loved the artisan ice cream, very healthy! minutes later, he was playing in the park with other kids.
While we were enjoying the live music, we decided to try the different gastronomic options. I had a delicious chicken taco and my husband had argentinan empanadas. 
 If you don’t plans for this weekend, come tomorrow to the Field and Study Market, you will love it.  This market happens on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The entry is free. 
   For more info, visit their Facebook Page here

Dress: Mr. Price 
Sneakers: Converse 
Bag: Forever 21
Shades: Lundun 

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Friday 11 November 2016


Taking care of my skin and using products that I can prove make a big difference, are part of my daily routine.   

Today, I am going to talk about some products from Clarins.
 Clarins is a French company which manufactures worldwide skincare products, cosmetics and fragrances. It is a company that I really like and have read a lot about, and apart from their philosophy of making the lives of their customers more beautiful, what I really love about them is that their products are based exclusively on plants. 

I wanted to take proper time to get to know more about their products and see their real benefits and results on my skin to be able to write this review.
I have been using these products for around 6 months which is a frame of time that will make me have an accurate and objective opinion. By saying this, these are my favorite products that I believe every woman should have in her beauty kit:

Everlasting Compact Foundation
 This  is a mix of powder and foundation. I am not a big fan of liquid foundations so I love the fact that I can use a compact foundation that leaves my skin even and not shiny or oily. This product is perfect for those long days that you apply make up in the morning and just need a touch up in the afternoon. Or for a night out that you want to wear proper strong makeup.
To get better coverage and appearance, when you apply it, pat don't rub. If your skin is oily in the t-zone, apply Clarins loose mineral powder on top with a brush.

Instant Concealer

  Being in my late 30´s, the older I get, the more I want to look good. And also the more visibly aged the sensitive eye area becomes. Apart from brightening the under eye area, this product is perfect for covering up dark under eye circles, brown spots and even acne blemishes but also treats all of them in the long term.
For an easy blend, apply it with the ring finger.
 Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact 
If you are like me and like to wear light makeup everyday, this product is for you. This is my must have in my bag, and I also use it for touch ups late mornings and during the afternoon. This powder leaves my face looking very natural, but at the same time covers the imperfections and dark spots in a very subtle way.
For a better look and coverage, apply it with a big brush. 
  Eyebrow Pencil
Love this dual – ended tool. This is not only a pencil, it is a brush and pencil, two in one! The pencil defines and shapes the eyebrows, and the brush tames them. The color looks very natural, doesn’t smudge, lasts long and is very easy to remove.
For better results when using this pencil, first brush your eyebrows, then shape them with the pencil, and then to have a perfect termination, brush them again. If you have hairy eyebrows, choose a lighter color and don’t over paint them, you don’t want to look funny.
Blush Prodige 07
 It has a smooth texture which contains the perfect combination of mineral and plant extracts which naturally enhances the cheeks. This product illuminates your complexion and makes you look radiant the whole day.
For best results, you should apply it with a full sized professional blush.  Be gentle applying it, you don’t want to look like a clown.
Instant Light Natural Lip Corrector
Definitely, in my case, the most eye catching product. People always ask me what I have on my lips. And when I am out with friends and I apply it, my friends always want to try it on their lips as well. This kind of lip gloss leaves my lips looking healthy, young, sexy and provocative. 
 I hope Clarins has increased their sales of this product from all my recommendations 
to friends ;)
I don’t have tips for this, just apply it as it is and enjoy  ;) Fixed Makeup
 A product that I didn’t know existed and when I got to know it, I saw how much I'd been missing out on.  This a hydrating and refreshing spray that sets the makeup and helps it to last longer. It has a lovely fragrance that reminds me of the rose water that my granny used for her skin. This product also promotes a long lasting matt complexion. I have oily skin, but with this product my skin doesn’t look oily for long periods which means I don’t have to do touch ups frequently on my make up.
Apply it from far not from too close. Also use it more in dry seasons as it also moisturizes the skin. Use it to wet the brushes when you want to use wet eye shadows, this will make your eye shadows last longer.
  Masque Multi Regenerant
This is a very different 10 min treatment – masque which comes with instructions about how to prepare the skin before applying it, how to warm it up with your hands, how to feel its heavenly aroma and how to apply it to 3 different stress points on the face, making you feel that you are having an in house spa experience. I must say that I was very impressed the first time I used it.  I noticed immediate results. I felt my skin renovated and I could notice that my wrinkles and fine lines were minimized, leaving my skin visibly firm and balanced with a reduced appearance of fatigue. Something amazing about this masque is that you can still feel the good effects on your skin the next day, even after having a shower. Definitely a must have masque!
Follow the instructions closely to really feel the whole experience and to have better results. Use it once or twice a week, especially in those days that you feel tired and stressed.  Apply it and remove it at night so the effects can still work through the night when the face muscles are relaxed.
Wet or Dry Eye Quartet Mineral Palette 05
I love the colors of this palette which are suitable for winter or summer looks. I have used them in both ways and this is what I think:

-       Dry: Soft on application, its colors blend easily, it lights up the eyes but isn’t loaded with glitter. You can do experiments and play with this to create a very natural makeup look or very strong one.
-       Wet: Definitely use it if you want stronger makeup. It also lasts longer. You can apply it in the morning and you can still have it at night. 
If you want to use it wet and you fail the first time, don’t give up, practice makes perfect. It only took me two times to really understand how it works and enjoy the results. If you feel that looks too strong, remember that blending is the key to make it look softer. 
For better results, wet the brushes with Clarins Fixed Makeup and always wash your brushes very well before application
Wonder Perfect Mascara
I have very sensitive eyes so I am always scared of applying a mascara that makes my eyes look red and fatigued. The gentle ingredients of this product don’t irritate my eyes and makes them look bigger. The lashes look fuller, longer and the mascara doesn’t flake. It lasts the whole day
Before applying it, drain the excess in the edges of the container, this will avoid  lumps in your lashes. 
As it is difficult to remove it, use a proper eye make up remover with oily ingredients. 
That´s all for now, to see how to use some of these products, check this makeup tutorial here: 

Thanks for reading :) 

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