Thursday 21 May 2020


 Are you team pajama or looking good at home even during lockdown? I belong to the second team. Being in pajama all day doesn't work for me and doesn't let to put my mind in the right direction to be productive and feeling good during the day. Even when I had my newborns at home, right after coming from the hospital, I couldn't be with a gown and looking messy all day during that period. 
 During lockdown I tried to have the same routines as before. So I wake up early, I have a shower, I put some blush and lip gloss, wake up my kids and I get them ready for the day. 
Having an early shower makes me start the day with the right mindset and also help me to set a sample to my kids. 

I can't expect from them to have discipline or get ready early for the home schooling activities if they see me wearing pajamas. I am not saying that I dress up but I like to wear the cloths that I like and make me feel confortable. I like to look after myself and look pretty even if I am at home. 
 If you feel lately down or with low self steam, wear those cloths that you really love for example your favorite top or jacket, style your hair and put that makeup that makes you look great, even if you are at home and no none will see you, do it for yourself :) 
I will share soon some tips that what have worked for me and my family during these quarantine. 

I am wearing: 

Top: H&M 
Pants: Cotton On 
Sneaker: Adidas 
Watch: Fit Bit

Wednesday 15 April 2020


 Hello! Its been a while. During this lockdown, I have been incredibly busy spending time with those who really matters: My Family. Between homeschooling, working in my own business and teaming up with some brands, my time has become very limited. 

However, I am still doing fun things :) For example twinning with my son Luka who is turning soon 6 years! Can you believe it? 

When he was a baby, I used to wear matching outfits with him then my daughter was born so I started doing with her but who said that you only can do this with girls? 
 If you are a boy's mommy please try doing this with them/him. To have these memories and pictures are so worth it. They grow so fast! 

We are wearing: 

Top: H&M
Shorts: Cotton On 
Me: Nicke
Luka: Adidas 

Friday 24 January 2020


 Hello! Its been a lovely beginning of the year, I am so excited about 2020 which seems to be a very interesting year. Here I am at Cape of Good Hope, the most south - western point of the African continent. This is also were the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean meet. I remember learning about this place when I studied Global Geography at the school but I never thought that one day I will come here to visit. 

If you are in Cape Town for holidays and you want to go to the Cape, I suggest you to stop on your way to the Cape, at Boulders Beach to see the penguins, yes, the penguins! You think that penguins are something that you only could see at the Pole but no, there are penguins close to Cape Town and in the beach! 

From here, we drove more or less 50 min to arrive to the entrance of Table Mountain National Park where the Cape is. Once inside, we drove  for another 20 min within the park to get to the reception and restaurants. I must say that this drive has the most interesting views. 

Once at the parking, we decided to go to the Two Oceans Restaurant to have lunch and get energy to walk to the top of the mountain where you can see everything.  

The food and the views were just wonderful, all of this with a glass of good wine made the perfect pairing :) 
Here half way to the top of the mountain, as you can see, the views are breathtaking.
People always say that the weather of the Cape is unpredictable, the two times I have been here it has been cloudy and strange, which I like because it makes this place and the pictures very dramatic. 
This was  actually my second time here. 6 years ago, I came for the first time with my brother and early this year, I came back with my friends from the university. 
This is for me one of those places that always would like to go back. Definitely a "Must See Place" if you visit Cape Town.  Watch this space, my next post will be about the wine route and two wine farms that we visited ;) 

I am wearing: 

Dress: Miladys -South Africa
Sneakers: New Balance bought at Superbalist 
Shades: Rayban bought at Edgars