Saturday 18 June 2016


Exploring this country and finding new places is one of my favorite hobbies.I come from a country where we often go to the countryside on weekends, and I really love that. I believe that contact with nature recharges my soul and spirit. 
I discovered a place called The Fat Olive which is just 25 min drive from my home in Johannesburg. Basically the place is a restaurant with a beautiful view into a lake. The lake has a bridge that heads to a farm with animals such as cows, rabbits, pigs, sheep, just to mention few. We went with our son and we all have a lovely time. 
If you feel like having a chill afternoon, The Fat Olive also offers picnic baskets with 3 different options, including a vegetarian one. We will try the picnic next time ;)

This is the type of place where adults and kids have so much fun. 
We will definitely come back. 

I am wearing:

Top: My Latina
Jacket: H & M
Jeans: H & M
Sneakers: Convers 
Shades: Lundun 

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