Tuesday 31 July 2018


Hello all. This has been a very intense year full of so many experiences. We live life only once, and I’d love many stories to tell my kids and grandkids when I become a 
granny one day. 

In February I had a big milestone: I turned 40! This is a big moment that you can only understand once you get there. It made me think about how my life has been, but also made me want to try new things. One of them was to do a Flash mob of Thriller for my birthday party (It was so much fun, I will upload the video on Youtube soon) and to participate in a Model Search Competition (in my 40’s? , yes!) 

So in March, when I saw the Mildays and Good Housekeeping Model Search Competition in Facebook, I thought: Mildays is a brand that I feel I relate to, so why not? I submitted my pictures and sent the link to my husband to tell him what I did. I must confess he was a bit skeptical but he supports what I do, and knows I am a bit crazy :) :) :) 

Time passed and I thought I didn’t make it, so I totally forgot about it. Then in May I got the phone call that I was selected, and that I was in the top 11!. They couldn’t chose 10 as they loved the 11 of us. 

They flew us to Durban to get to know us and to see our performance in front of cameras. It was such a nice day meeting the people behind this competition and other 10, they were all so lovely and so beautiful inside  and out. The day passed between makeup, hair styles, change of clothes, flashes, selfies, good conversations, nice food, interviews, and so much fun, and just made me think that it would be a very difficult decision to choose just 5 or 6 from all of us. 

Either I make it to the top 5 or not, I was feeling like a winner already. For me to make it to the top 11 was already an achievement, taking into consideration that they got around 2.000 entries! 

Here are some backstage pictures of the day. 

 Here with Chanel, from Cape Town. We connected so well during the day and she was one of my favorites.  

 In July, I got the phone call that I was chosen. I immediately messaged Chanel and she told me that she was also chosen. We were so excited. We were also guessing who else made it, and then Candice and I exchanged messages on Instagram sharing the good news as well. Then, it was the 3 of us wondering who the other 2 were.  

 We flew to Durban again. When I arrived, there were 5 other girls. We greeted and hugged each other with so much excitement and celebrated our achievement. We had dinner together at the hotel and we got to know each other even more. It was so nice to meet them properly and get to know about their personal lives, jobs, hobbies dreams, expectations. Something really caught my attention, and it was the fact that they all are very driven women, and I believe that was one of the reasons we all were there.  

Next day, we went to the studio for the shoot. They brought an incredible team from everywhere. The photographer, Aubrey Jonsson, was flown in from Bali, he is South African but currently living in Bali. I know him from other shoots that I did in the past, so it was nice to work with him again. Then our hairstylist Kevin, was brought in from Cape Town specially for this shoot. It was so lovely seeing the Miladys and Good Housekeeping team again, who all made us feel so special. 

Here the backstage pictures of the day.  
Here with beautiful Claudia who is a teacher but also a plus size blogger and the creator of The Curvy Captonian 
Ready for the interview with Good Housekeeping Magazine
Philippa, the Marketing Director of Miladys. Such an interesting woman.
I took a selfie with super talented hairstylist Kevin. Isn't his beard so cool?
Here with all the girls ready to go back home, it was a fun day!


Miladys and Good Housekeeping run this competition to celebrate how real women are. We are all from different races, with different bodies, personalities, and dreams, and were chosen to represent the beauty of South African women. I am feeling very honored to be part of this… after 13 years living here, I feel very South African! :) 
I loved every second of this competition and I feel very lucky to have met all the people that were involved with this competition, but specially the other women, they all are so inspiring and they will be forever in my heart. Actually, we all have a Whatsapp group where we exchange messages often ;)  
 Thanks Miladys and Good Housekeeping Magazine for choosing me. This has been a wonderful experience and now I have another story that I will tell my children and grandchildren one day. Can’t wait to spend my voucher on fashionable clothes from Miladys and publish some cool looks here!  

Here’s the Backstage video 

Get to know me more and see my message for Women's Month (still speaking english making mistakes but this is me!) 


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