Saturday 22 June 2019


Motherhood always teaches us new things every day, but it also challenges us.  One of the challenges that I have faced is the extreme difficulty with my son eating his food. Our lives became easier since we have been using PediaSure. This is my experience that I would like to share with you.

I have always been very proud of my children.  They are the kind of children that everybody loves and people always have positive things to say about them.

Luka, who is 5 years old, is so easy-going in everything he does. However, he is far from perfect and as much as he has so many positive characteristics, there is one thing that I have battled with almost every day with him: eating.

I must say that he would eat very well until he turned 1, after that everything changed. He suddenly became unpredictable with food, till today when it comes to eating, we are always having a constant battle when its time to eat.

I remember when he was one years old, we traveled to Miami for my sister´s wedding, and we stayed there for a week. Luka´s appetite was non-existent.

I spent lots of money going to the supermarkets buying food that he didn't eat. The only thing he was having was milk, yogurt, and biscuits. I was panicking, and tense for his health’s sake.

Back in South Africa, I remember I told a friend what happened on our trip, and how frustrated I was feeling with his eating habits.

At that point, I had tried everything! I bought cook books for kids, I tried many yummy recipes, and he didn't want to eat anything so my friend suggested that I should try PediaSure.

I didn’t know what PediaSure was, so I went to Baby City, and spent a lot of time reading all the information that was on the tin, I also did some research on Google, and read a few articles and decided to buy it.  At that point I was hopeless so just wanted to give it a try.

In the same week, I had my annual visit at the pediatrician so I told her everything that we had been going through, and that I bought a tin of PediaSure, and she said that I did the right thing as she was about to recommend me to do the same. She told me that PediaSure is always recommended by doctors as it has been clinically proven to not only improve eating habits, and dietary diversity, but equally improve appetite and increase physical activity in 4 weeks.

PediaSure has a TripleSure system and is a clinically approved nutritional supplement which is scientifically formulated to support growth, promote immunity, and help to build a healthy appetite.
A glass of PediaSure contains 26 vital nutrients, including vitamins and minerals like calcium. It also has vitamin D which contributes to normal function of the immune system, and iron for normal cognitive development.


Since we have been using PediaSure, our lives have changed. I don´t feel stressed anymore about my kids eating habits, and it has given me peace of mind. I remember when we flew to Spain in the same year, that I packed a tin in my suitcase so as not to suffer again, or get stressed during our holiday. We stayed in Spain for a month, and to my surprise, I found that I could also get PediaSure there, and in most of the countries I have traveled with my kids, so it’s a product that you can also find worldwide.
Every time we travel overseas, I notice that my kids need time to adjust to the new place, routines, and flavours as the gastronomy is different, so PediaSure helps them a lot during their first days until they settle because it also stimulates their appetite.

Now, sometimes when they don’t eat properly, or even when they eat well, I give them a glass of PediaSure to complement their diet as I feel they are getting the nutrients they need for their mental, and physical growth plus they love its flavor!
With my daughter Maite who is two and a half years old, it has been a different story because she eats very well. However, when she is sick, PediaSure has saved us. Two weeks ago she had Tonsillitis, and she didn´t want to eat anything due to the inflammation on her tonsils.  It was so painful for her to swallow, so I gave her PediaSure over all the days that she was sick.  I felt relieved that she was receiving a whole meal in a glass, that was boosting her immune system and shortening her recovery.

Lately, for around 6 months now, I have been giving her PediaSure to compliment her meals. She was a tiny baby as she was premature, and I must say, that she passed from being the smallest in her class to being in average height comparing her with her classmates! She has grown a lot :)

To finalize, I want to add that my son´s appetite has changed positively, and besides him sometimes being picky, he is a very strong boy. He barely gets sick, and my husband, and I always highlight on how someone who isn’t a great eater, rarely gets sick.  We know it is thanks to PediaSure.
We all love PediaSure in this house, for us it is the best invention ever. I always recommend it to my friends who are battling to get their kids to eat, because it changed our lives.  

Saturday 8 June 2019


I am kind of reinventing myself. This would be a dress that I wouldn´t buy back on time, but now my style is changing and I am enjoying so much experimenting new styles that I wouldn´t  try before. 

  I am wearing: 

Dress: Pick and Pay Clothing
Jacket: Truworths 
Sneakers: New Balance 
                          Watch: Fit Bit