Monday, 16 October 2017


Being pregnant takes a lot out of your body. I would say that my second pregnancy took even more, dramatically affecting my skin and hair. I am closer to hitting the 40’s and having skin that looks healthy is definitely one of my main concerns.

After having a baby,  my face looked terrible. It was full of dark spots and the pigmentation on my cheekbones was very noticeable.

During my second week of postpartum, Clarins sent me some products from its Bright Plus Range (Brightening Day Lotion, Brightening Revive Night Cream and Brightening Body Veil). I started using them to see if their promise of reducing the dark spots was true. Every time I receive products, I use them for at least 3 months in order to see results and write a proper review.
I have been using these products for 7 months and here are my thoughts on the Brightening Plus range:


What I like about this lotion is that it is very light, leaving my skin bright, radiant but matte at the same time. Thanks to its texture,  my skin feels ready for  either the foundation or loose powder. My complexion looks even and toned. This cream is smooth and smells so nice.

I also like the fact that this product has SPF20 which protects my skin during the day. For me a day cream with SPF protection is a must! I don’t like to use a day cream or lotion and then apply sunscreen because the makeup looks funny.  This cream doesn’t leave my face with a ¨caked” look after applying the foundation. 

As part of my routine, I only use sunscreen when I am at the beach or when exposing my skin to the sun for many hours. I don’t want to apply sunscreen everyday on my face, that’s why I like this product.
I love the packaging and the measure pump. Thanks to its shape, that is so different to most of the day creams that I know, it is so easy to find it on my bathroom´s counter during the morning rush. Also the size of the bottle is very good, I have been using it already for 7 months and it still isn’t finished! Which means its value for money is really worth it.

This product contains Acerola fruit extract which has a high content of Vitamin C, that’s why at the end of the day I still feel my skin nourished and not dry or dehydrated.

This cream is a great complement to the day cream. And I must say that if you want better results for your skin, you should use both: Day Cream and Night cream from the Bright Plus range. 

This cream is thicker and also smells so nice. I like that is thick because I believe that at night, the skin needs something stronger that repairs the damage that was caused during the day. 

What I love about this night cream is that when I wake up, I feel my skin is smooth, hydrated and relaxed. 

As a tip, if you want better results, at night while you apply this cream, do it with a long massage so it will penetrate your skin more, and be more effective. I always do a 5 min massage, and also apply pressure to the zones where I have pigmentation and dark spots.

I love that this also has SPF 20 which protects my arms and legs during those sunny days. This is the first body cream I know that has SPF, and I found it really clever! 
Sometimes we don´t notice how much sun we’re exposed to during the day, so it is so good to feel protected. 

I like the texture which makes my arms and legs look and feel hydrated for the whole day. 
 It has a subtle scent that doesn’t compete with my perfume. 

What I want to highlight about this product is that it really worked on my dark line that I had on my belly after my pregnancy. 

After my first pregnancy, this line was on my belly for around 14 months. I really hated it and didn´t like to wear bikinis as that line was always there. 
I must say that after my second pregnancy, I started using this body cream immediately. Now, 7 months after having my baby, look how it looks. Its been fading really fast, I can barely see it! 
Now I wear my bikini without feeling embarrassed as you can barely see this line. 
 I also apply it at night doing a short massage to have better results. 
Tip: I’ve always been very concerned about the amount of sun my hands receive during the day. I drive long distances and my hands are always exposed to sun through the front window of my car. 
Using this cream on your hands during the day not only protects your skin, but in long run will deal with the aging process of your hands. 
Remember that our hands can tell a lot about our age. 

 This is how my face is before and after I started using the Bright Plus Range.
As you can see my skin was vey red and uneven.  
Now it looks much better and the pigmentation has been reduced! but hasn’t disappeared completely. However, I totally recommend this product, talking about results, these pictures say it all. 
I would suggest that if you have a severe pigmentation problem, the best thing that you can do, is have a professional peel and then maintain it with the Bright Plus Range. Don´t expect miracles if your pigmentation is huge, but your skin tone will definitely look much better after using these products. 

If you have some pigmentation and dark spots, this range might work well on you but for better results, you have to use the Day and Night Cream together as they complement each other.  I also suggest you use them for at least one year. 
Thanks for reading and if you have any comment or doubt, don´t hesitate in sending me a mail or leaving me a comment below ;)  

Friday, 6 October 2017


The older I get, the more I like interesting and different garments but specially those which have an ethnic - vintage touch. Long dresses weren't on my list but lately I am starting to love them more and more. Here I am wearing a piece from African Style Story called Tiles from its Tradition Collection. 
African Style Story is a bohemian chic Label for smart women who love to wear clothes with an ethnical flavor and a contemporary twist. 
Carla Pinto, originally from Portugal but currently living in Johannesburg, is the owner and creative mind behind this beautiful label. 

My African Style Story will be on the runaway of South Africa Fashion Week this coming 25th of October at 19:00 along with Sober and Angela Demontigny. 

Don't miss the fashion show and book your seat!
 For more info visit:

Friday, 29 September 2017


Do you find Contouring Tutorials confusing? Would you like to learn what is Contouring about? 
Clarins sent me their Contour Perfection Kit to try on and I loved it. So easy to use and leaves your face with a very natural look.
Check my video and learn step by step how to do contouring and still be you ;) 

Enjoy it ;) 

Sunday, 17 September 2017


 Hello dear readers! I know its been a while I haven't post anything here, but since my daughter was born I have been incredibly busy with her and my son and slowly I am doing my come back to the reality.  But I have exciting news! Last week, I was invited by Japanese brand Miniso, to spend 2 days with them for the launch of their stores in South Africa. I assisted to the event along with other bloggers, buyers, clients, journalists and influencers The name of the event was Change The World Miniso Promotion Conference. 

Miniso is the biggest Japanese retailer chain, founded by japanese designer Miyake Junya and chinese entrepreneur Ye Goufu. Their brand philosophy is ¨simplicity, design and good quality¨ 

I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights at Radisson Blue Hotel in Sandton. The first day was leisure time for all the guests so I chilled in the swimming pool with my friend Paula, who I could invite to stay with me. At night we had a dinner at the restaurant and got to know other guests who were invited to the event. 

After having breakfast at the hotel and receiving a lovely goodie bag from Miniso, we were taken to Miniso Store at Norwood Shopping Center. We had a very nice welcoming including Vip Vouchers to spend at the store. 
 Here some of my favorite products 
 Are these baby dresses? No. Kitchen towels, how original
 I call myself ¨Didi Bags and Containers¨. If there are organizers or storage kind of products, I am the number 1 buyer!
How cute is this headband with bunny ears? Love, love, love this 
 Electric face brush cleanser and tooth brush, 2 in 1. 
My favorite item from all of them: this face shade with cooling effect. So this one not only covers your eyes from the light but also relax them while you sleep, so cool! 
And they have so many cute designs to choose from
Being at Miniso is a real shopping experience. Here with some of my new friends that I met at the event ;) 

This is what I bought with my Vip Boucher 
After being in the shop we were taken to Moyo to have a real African lunch and then we went to Miniso Conference to get to know the brand philosophy and its future plans in Africa and the rest of the world. 
Here are some high lights of the conference: 
  • Established in Japan in 2013, Miniso has opened over 1000 stores in less that 3 years with business turnover standing at USD 750 million in 2015 and nearly 1.5 billion in 2016. 
  • In 2018 Miniso plans to open 7000 stores worldwide with a sales target of 7.6 billion USD. 
  • In Africa their plan is to open 50 stores in South Africa creating more than 12.000 jobs opportunities. 
  • The secret of Miniso success is based on 3 principles: Premium Product Design, Outstanding Cost Performance and Supreme Shopping Experience. 
I had so much fun during these 3 days getting to understand Miniso and why they named their conference ¨Change the World¨: because their brand concept, consumer experience and how they are doing it all over the world is really amazing. Thanks Miniso for having me with you! :) 

To get to know more about Miniso visit: 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


The Republic of Mauritius is an Island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the african continent. The island is multiethnic, multi religious, multicultural, and multilingual. I went there with my husband 
and we had a blast! 
From paddling on board, snorkeling, visiting and swimming in the waterfalls, enjoying the sunsets from the beach, eating at the local restaurants, doing picnic in other beaches to going to the locals festivities, we discovered that Mauritius is more than just an island full of resorts. 
I have teamed up with Tourism Mauritius for this amazing competition. A Girl in Africa along with other South African bloggers are offering you the opportunity to fly to Mauritius with your partner and stay there for 5 nights with everything included! 

To enter you have to tag and follow Mauritius South Africa either on Instagram or Facebook
All you have to do is to show me how you are surviving the South African Winter by taking a picture with the hashtag #RatherbeinMauritius and you and your guest could be flown to Mauritius, the land of endless Summer :) 
Be creative! We want your sad, fun and ridiculously cold winter survival photos. 

This is how I am surviving the Winter blues with my son. 
The prize will be include:

     -  Flights 
5 nights’ accommodation for 2 adults sharing at Lux* Belle Mare 5 star deluxe. A luxury hotel in Mauritius, shining with the vibrant energy and hospitality of authentic island life.
     - Breakfast and dinner daily
- Free W-Fi
- Free Unlimited water-skiing
- LUX* Reasons to Go

Here is the video of the competition.

 Good luck!!! 
Competition closes the 24th of July.