Thursday 9 November 2017


Hello, its time to talk about beauty products and how I take care of my hair.
 As I mentioned in a previous post, having a baby takes a lot from you, affecting your skin and hair dramatically.

 It is no secret that after the birth, a woman’s body goes through so many changes. This period is crucial to do things that will help us to recover easier and quicker.

 The weeks after having a baby, I noticed that my hair was very damaged, lack of shine and to detangle it was a mission! And not to mention that every time I washed it, my hair was literally falling into pieces. Thanks God I have so much hair, however I was really worried.

During this time, Vichy sent me its Dercos Nourishing Reparative Range  (Shampoo, Conditioner and Rich Mask) which is Parabens and colorants free. I used it for few months and here are my thoughts:

This is a white creamy shampoo with a nice almond scent. The first time I washed my hair, I was shocked as I felt that my hair was a ball of knots, literally, especially on the top part.

Then when I applied the conditioner, my hair was totally different and very easy to comb. After using this product, my scalp was fresh and my hair was clean for 4 days which is very good as my hair is dry but oily in the roots.
 I must add that I saw great progress of my hair with this range, because my hair is normally very rebellious and dry. I am happy to say that I started seeing results on the third time of using it and never looked back. I didn’t feel the ball of knots after the shampoo anymore. This is thanks to Vichy has combined 3 rich oils and Keratino-Complex in its formula to provide the essential components of healthy hair to the fibe.

Overall, I like this shampoo but the only one criticism I do have is the size of the bottle: 200 mls is too small comparing it with other shampoos that are in the market which sizes are from 250 mls onwards. As I always wash my hair twice with the shampoo, in my personal case this shampoo finishes so quick comparing it with the Conditioner and Mark.
The price of this product is R199.

This conditioner is great! As I mentioned my hair was very dry and broken but also it is curly and frizzy so after using this product, it is so nice to run my fingers through it, making the detangling so easy. This product leaves my hair soft, silky and smooth.
I also want to highlight that this conditioner works almost as well as the mask. I noticed this in both of the times I used it. I was in a rush and washed my hair and didn’t have time to apply the mask (and leave it on for few minutes). When I blowed dry my hair, it was so soft and looked beautiful. The scent is also really good. The size of the bottle is 150 ml. The price of this product is R225.

I can honestly say that using it once a week really revitalized my hair. What I do for the best results is to comb my hair before applying this mask so it can reach more parts of my hair and work deeply. I like to leave it for at least 3 min so it can work properly repairing the hair. 
The texture is thick and the smell (as the whole range) is really lovely. This mask really intensely nourishes and repairs fibre, while bringing shine, light and silky touch. I love touching my hair when I rinse this product off as it feels really soft. The size is 200 mls and price is R320.
 I washed my hair 2 -3 times a week. 2 of them, I style my hair at home and one of them I go to my hairdresser.  I go to the hair salon every Thursday as I want to have my hair looking pretty for the weekend.

They always wash my hair there but I wanted to do an experiment and washed my hair at home with Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Range to see my hairdresser reaction or comments about it.

Before she styled my hair, I didn’t tell her that I used this special range, I just wanted to see if she would notice that my hair was softer or different and yes, she noticed!

While she was blow drying my hair she asked me: Diana, did you put any treatment on your hair before coming here? And I asked: Why? Then she said: Because it is so easy to blow dry today, what did you use? . So I told her that I have been using these products lately and she said that they work really well on my hair ;)


I totally recommend this range but these 3 products are meant to complement each other so I would advise you for the best results to use them together.

I really witnessed a very positive change in my hair, I don’t have anymore breakage on my hair when I brush it and it looks beautiful and healthy.  Even my hairdresser who was refusing to do some highlights few months ago, now says that my hair is ready for it.

If you are in SA, you can buy Vichy Dercos Nourising Reparative Range at Clicks, Dischem and selected pharmacies. If you are reading me in other country, check your local Vichy Website for more info ;)


  1. I would love to try as my hair is continuously falling due to dandruff. I have tried several shampoos in recent months but still unable to get rid of dandruff due to which my hair gets really weak. Hoping for best results.

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