Thursday 10 April 2014


I was contacted weeks back by Internations, the biggest expat´s network worldwide as they loved this blog and wanted to feature it in their ¨Recommended Expat Blogs¨ section. This blog also got the recognition by them as one of the "Top Expat Blog in South Africa"! :) 
Internations is the largest social network that caters expats working, and living abroad. Their 1.000.000+ members interact with each other in a secure online & offline environment about their individual and shared experience abroad. I met so many friends thanks to Internations that I consider now as part of my family in South Africa. They do meetings in the most important cities worldwide every last thursday of the month in bar or very interesting venue so that´s so interesting cause I always meet foreigners that are living here like me,  in a very relaxed and cool environment. 
When I moved to U.S it was also the only way to meet people and ask them questions even before I move there about what to expect and all the paper work that one has to do before moving to another country and that helped me a lot. 

Here is the interview:

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Hace unas semanas fui contactada por Internations, el network de expatriados más grande a nivel global. A ellos les encantó mi blog y quisieron hacerme una entrevista para ponerla en su sección de recomendados ¨Blog de extranjeros¨ también este blog obtuvo el reconocimiento por Internations como uno de los Top Blogs de Sudáfrica! Internations es el network que reúne a extranjeros que viven y trabajan en el exterior, sus miembros ( + de 1´000.000) interactúan  en su plataforma compartiendo información y las experiencias de vivir en otro país. Cuando yo me mudé a Estados Unidos fue la única forma de conocer gente y preguntarles cosas incluso desde antes de mudarme a allá sobre qué esperar y todo el tipo de papeles y asuntos legales que uno necesita saber antes de mudarse a otro país. 

Aquí esta la entrevista:

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